Brightspace Quiz Generator

Credit: This generator is developed by Algonquin College as an easy way of creating a collection of questions that can be imported into Brightspace quizzes and pools, saving you time in the process!


  1. All questions must follow a proper format for the generator to recognize them.
  2. Select the Question Type Samples dropdown and click Create to see a sample question.
  3. Copy and paste all your questions or type them out in the box below.
  4. Click Generate Test Questions.
    • In case the Test Generator fails, review the questions in red. It could mean the format is not correct or something is missing.
  5. Once the generation has passed, click the Download Questions for Brightspace button at the bottom of the page.
  6. Save the .csv file to your computer.
  7. In the Add/Edit Questions screen in Brightspace, use the Import option and upload the .csv file and follow the prompts.

Quiz Name
Question Type Samples